AMBERGALLEGO2SMALLTonight on Totally Biased, rockstar interpreter Amber Galloway Gallego!

Amber Galloway Gallego began her career as a community interpreter in San Antonio, Texas. After graduating from San Antonio College with an A.A.S. degree in interpreting for the Deaf, Amber earned her BA in psychology, and she is currently pursuing her master’s degree in ASL/English interpreting. Amber has worked as an interpreter in many different capacities (staff/freelance/video relay) and in a variety of settings.  When she is not teaching future interpreters, facilitating workshops around the country, or working “in the field” as a freelance interpreter, Amber is busy interpreting concerts and music festivals in a myriad of genres. She specializes in teaching ethics in her profession, and in opening the minds and “hands” of interpreters to the principle of rendering the message faithfully, regardless of the message’s explicitness.  She is author of a dvd, Forbidden Fruit: Explicit Sign Language.


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